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About the Art

Research is the Key

Before creating my designs, I follow extensive research protocols on all aspects of the boat or ship I plan to paint. This includes following the actual ship design using available photographs, shipyard records, construction designs, post production modifications, as well as crew memories of the evolution of the boat throughout its lifecycle.

World War II submarines went through various modifications as the war progressed, such as changes in deck guns, superstructures, and antennas. Many of the WWII submarines were converted post-war, making these boats faster and quieter when submerged. These boats were also converted to become other types of boat classes, such as radar pickets and guided missile submarines.

Layout and Design

Following research, I create a rough sketch of the layout I want to pursue, and then create a pen and ink drawing, capturing the fine detail of the boat or ship. Upon final selection, the pen and ink drawing is reproduced and given an acrylic wash to treat the paper prior to painting.

Light sources in creating the painting is critical, as this determines the shading and highlighting colors used. It is in this selection of colors and moods that reveal to me that this is the divine driven; it just flows from my brush. Then the details start to get added and it's like I am naturally there, truly motivating.

Ocean details are determined by many variables such as weather, wind, cloud cover, time of day and other things that make many different views portrayed.

Battle flags and Patches

A lot of my work has required the need to re-create other people's works such as ships patches and emblems. I would be remiss in not giving them credit, some of which was quite creative, I hope I have done them justice. I tried to reflect history as it was. In so doing, a lot of the images portray battle flags and patches that were created in times of old whereas political correctness was not a real issue. The battle flags and their accuracy is a topic all its own, I mention it because a lot of them have been re-created in my paintings, some of which show the cruelties of war and vilify the enemies (some of which are allies now).

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